Mercedes-Benz 380 SE

Model Code: W126, Production Years: 84-85, Chassis No.: 126.032, Engine No.: 116.963

Mercedes-Benz 380 SE
Engine placement front, longitudinally
Construction V
Number of cylinders 8
Cylinder displacement 3818 cm³
Bore 92 mm
Stroke 71,8 mm
Compression ratio (CR) 9,0:1
Maximum output 160 kW at 5500 rpm
Specific power output 41,9 kW/I (DIN)
Maximum torque 305 Nm at 4000 rpm
Cooling liquid
Cooling system open
Automatic fan yes
Oil cooler yes
Camshaft 2 X 1, parent
Camshaft drive chain
Crankshaft bearings 7
Ignition electronic
Cylinder charge mechanical injection, Bosch K­Jetronic
Ignition plug Bosch W 175 T 30
Fuel super
Octane number 98 ROZ
Generator AC / 980 W, Maximum current 70 A
Battery 12 V, 66 Ah
Material block alloy
Material head alloy
Drive, traction rear wheels
Position gearbox front
Gearbox type automatic
Gear-change lever floor
Gear ratio I:3,680; II:2,410; III:1,440; IV:1,000; VI:N/A; R:5,140; differential:3,270
Locking differential no
Chassis, body
Chassis, body self-supporting
Front-wheel suspension independent with coil springs
Rear wheel suspension independent with coil springs
Shock absorbers around telescopic
Gas-filled around
Torsion-bar stabiliser front and rear
Front brakes discs
Rear brakes discs
Brake booster yes
Rear brake pressure limiter no
Divid-line break system yes
System separation front and rear
Parking break on rear wheels, hand and foot operated
Position Parking break dashboard and floor
Rim size 6½ J
Tire type radial
Tire size 205/70 VR 14
Control ball-and-nut steering
Power steering yes
Steering-wheel turn left/right 2,75
Steering-wheel diameter 42 cm
Sizes, weights, contents
Length 499,5 cm
Width 182 cm
Height (unloaded) 143,6 cm
Wheelbase 293,5 cm
Front track 154,5 cm
Rear track 151,7 cm
Turning Circle (coach) 11,80 m
Mass empty 1595 kg
Specific mass 9,96 kg/kW
Maximum permissible mass 2115 kg
Maximum permissible loading capacity 80 kg
Maximum trailer weight (unbraked) 750 kg
Maximum trailer weight (braked) 1580 kg
Fuel tank capacity 90 I
Crankcase capacity 7,5 I
Cooling system capacity 12,5 l
Top speed 215 km/h
Average consumption per 100 kilometers 11,1/13,3/18,8 l (ECE)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h in ca 9,3 s
Speed at 1000 rpm in top gear 34,5 km/h
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